November 13, 2006


November 13 - Monday

10. San Diego Chargers. Yeah, and L.T. also. Watching the first quarter of football today with the Bengals, you could tell they finally had things working. It wasn't the 21 points, it was the time that Carson Palmer had. Despite the strong D-Line of the Bolts, C.P. had plenty of time to look downfield and make the deep throws. Over 400 passing yards for #9 and over 250 receiving yards for "Ocho Cinco", but in the end, they fall to the Chargers in a shootout. But the Bengals are back, just watch next week against the Saints.

9. Freeway Closures. The 15 freeway has construction that is taking place during the weekend at the 215, this construction prevents drivers from coming down the 15 and heading towards the San Diego area, and as a result you must continue on the 215 about 10-15 miles out of the way so you can take the 10 BACK to the 15. This really didn't affect me so much, but I still hate it. As long as it doesn't affect my trips to Vegas and Laughlin I'll be happy.

8. Thelma. HA!

7. Cassette Adapters. So after all these years I finally own an iPod (thanks to my beautiful wife). But until I have the money to purchase an adapter specifically for my car, I am forced to listen to my music in my car stereo via a cassette adapter which is just no bueno. It could be worse and I would have to deal with an FM transmitter, but it just isn't as good as it can be.

6. Damon Huard. Every freakin week I play him it is a massive failure. Last week I play Tom Brady instead in one of my fantasy leagues and Huard scores 20 points, I bench Brady and play Huard and I manage 5 points. I'm dropping Huard, he has pissed me off way too much this season.

5. Unsportsmanlike Conduct. The idea of unsportsmanlike conduct makes sense and I have always felt that anytime you celebrate as if you were the only person on a team, then you deserve a penalty. When you get a sack, touchdown, interception and you have 4-5 guys out there celebrating together, that shouldn't be a penalty. Everyone worked together, they did their job, and they are happy. Football is a team game, a true team game in every aspect of the phrase, let them celebrate, it is more entertaining for the viewers.

4. Referees. This goes along with #5, why can't referees get these calls right? Over the past 2 weeks, there have been at least 5 calls that referees screwed up during a challenge/review. 2 of the biggest ones were last week where the Vikes played the Patriots and I think Wiggins caught the ball, made a couple steps, rolled and then the ball came out and rolled out of bounds. The play is ruled an incomplete pass, it's challenege by the Vikes, and is never overturned. Then there was a Titans games in which Drew Bennet catches the ball, secures it, and makes FIVE steps in bounds and it is ruled incomplete after review. Bullshit, bull fkn shit. We need some new eyes out there.

3. Losing. After a decent game by Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith tonight against the Bucs, I lost a 30+ point lead to my wife in our fantasy football league. I lost to my wife, again! This is the second time this year I have lost to her in two different leagues, I haven't won a game. Feel for me guys, I need help.

2. Sore muscles. For the past two days my legs have been killing me due to sore muscles. This is really bad living in a two story house and then having to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get to work each day. It has been bothering me becaused I don't know why they have been so sore, and then I remembered. I made the stupid decision while visiting my wife's family this weekend to try to do squats with my neice on my back. 65 pound girl and top of a 190 pound me means sore freaking legs the next few days.

1. Non-pregnant Wives. Well kids, after over 5 years of dating and over 6 months of being married, I finally knocked up my wife. Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now, I always wanted kids, but not even I knew that I wanted them this much. She is only about a month along but I am looking forward to the journey that is ahead of me and I can't wait to be a father.

November 06, 2006

Tom Brady

November 6 - Monday

10. Baltimore. This time my hatred will extend to an entire city! Yeah, it's because the Bengals lost once again, this time to Ravens. Oh it's a sad sad day for me, my team is now 4-4 halfway through the season as they try to make a run for the playoffs. It is frustrating to see Ocho Cinco out there not getting the ball and not making the big plays we all know he is capable of making. It's still that offensive line not giving C.P. the time he needs to get the ball to 85.

9. Work. I miss my old schedule of doing nothing and not getting paid for it. It was a lot of fun to just sit on my ass and browse the internet and play Madden, yeah it was a good time. I guess the whole getting a paycheck thing is nice, but deep down I'm a lazy lazy guy.

8. Uninstalling HL2. I uninstalled Half-Life 2 nearly a year ago, and at this point I truly regret it. I was Stumbling the other day and I came across an HL2 comic called Concerned. This was so fricken hilarious (to me of course) that i read all 180+ comics in 1 day and it made me miss playing HL2. At this point I am seriously considering installing it again, but the only problem is that it will cut into my Madden time and that just can't happen. (Prepare for a post in a few days regarding me reinstalling HL2)

7. Mel Gibson. No new updates about him or anything, no recent run ins with the law or news on the Passion of the Christ 2, I just still hate him. Like I said before, lead pipe to the head. Is that considered a threat to Mel Gibson? I would like to see his head bashed with a lead pipe, I would not actually do this nor would I hire anyone to do it for me. There, does that cover my bases to avoid legal action? Sugartits.

6. Integra Driver. You know who you are you son of a bitch. Cutting in and out of traffic on the 57, cutting off so many different cars and then using the shoulder as a damn passing lane! I always wished I carried a gun in my car just for this reason. No no, not to shoot him, just to shoot his tires. See, if I shoot him, that makes me look crazy and makes me the bad guy, if I shoot out his tires, it makes me vengeful. Apparently he is in such a hurry to get somewhere and this way it causes him no bodily harm, but much emotional pain. That'll slow his ass down.

5. No iPod. Yes it's true, I am one of the 12 people in California that does not own an iPod or ANY mp3 player. How do I live? How do I love? Is a life without an mp3 player a life worth living? Life is tough, but you get by, one day at a time.

4. Blackberry. I love my phone, but I am ready for a change. The 7250 just doesn't have that spark anymore and it is time for me to move up in the world. I want the Pearl, but it isn't available for Verizon and I am reluctant to make the jump to Treo yet and get the 700w, but maybe the 750 will come to Verizon. Or the Moto Q Pro won't be such a piece of crap like the regular Q and will outperform them all (not likely).

3. Lack of Pizza. These past few days I have been CRAVING pizza like I have never craved pizza before. And of course, there is only 1 kind of pizza that can satisfy my cravings, and that is Round Table. That pepperoni artisan pizza looks amazing and I think I need to get some of that this weekend, maybe while I watch Bengals take on the Chargers in what I hope to be a great game in which my Bengals actually win!

2. Helpdesk Software. When I left my previous job, I thought I would never have to deal with Intuit's amazing(ly crappy) Track-IT! helpdesk and asset management software. It is used by helpdesk technician to track work orders, manage systems, and a whole bunch of other stuff I just don't want to bother with. And wouldn't you know it? My new job works with Track-IT!, this time it's the web-based version which really isn't much better. I remember about a year ago when I was at the MacWorld Expo in an IT conference with other IT Managers and they all laughed at Track-IT claiming it's the worst one they've ever worked with. I concur.

1. Tom Fricken Brady. You son of a bitch! I hate you and your team, you know this, do you hate me too? I traded Duece Macallister this week for Tom Brady since I assumed the Colts vs. Pats would be a shootout in Foxboro. And what happens? The only touchdowns scored by the Pats are running touchdowns and he throws more interceptions then Peyton threw touchdowns. At the end of the night, negative 2.1 points for Tom Brady. Who did I bench at QB for Mr. Brady? Damon Huard. 3 TDs, no INTs, and almost 150 yards passing. Yeah, that translates to 21.7 points I could have had. Thanks Tom.

October 31, 2006


 October 31 - Tuesday

10.  PocketMac SyncManager.  I PURCHASED PocketMac for Blackberry back in November or December when I received my Blackberry 7250.  A few months later, RIM purchased this product and started distributing it for free.  Well a few weeks ago, they released a new version with more features and it worked fine the first 2-3 times I used it, but now it won't sync my emails and I can't figure out the problem.  Stupid RIM.

9.  New England Patriots.  I'm a huge Vikings fan and the first drive for the Vikes tonight made me think they would put up one hell of a fight against the Pats, but that red zone interception showed me how terrible a night this would be for me.  Something isn't clicking with the team, and I hate to say it, but it seems like Brad Johnson is that very thing.  But back to the topic at hand, shut up Tom Brady, I hope you get hit by a car or a plane, or get in a motorcylce accident like Big Ben.  Man, that was sweet.

8.  Pittsburgh Steelers.  HA!  AHAHAHAHAHHHAA!  LOST TO THE RAIDERS!!!!  Wow, I mean, come on, wow, HA!  I smiled for hours after that stunning Steeler loss.  At the beginning of the week I thought to myself, "If the Raiders win, the Steelers and Raiders will have the same record."  But that couldn't happen, the Steelers won't lose, Ben just came off a huge game, the Steeler offense was clicking and they were about to get things going again.  No wait, that's right, Ben Roethlisberger is in the midst of imploding as is the rest of the Steelers team.  Hooray Raiders!

7.  Michael Vick.  How bad was the Bengals game?  I know I used Vick in an earlier post, but it applies today.  It's nice to see Vick be more than a running back that throws the ball every few games (think L.T., but horrible), but dear god, how do you let him get away with those throws?  The Bengals shut down the running game and now the Falcons are no longer able to intimidate teams with the Vick running threat, but he is beating you with his passes.  Where is that aggressive Bengals secondary that picked off 31 passes last year?

6.  Dune.  You kids ever seen the movie Dune?  Wow is that a bad movie.  When I woke up this morning and flipped on the t.v., I saw Dune playing on an Encore channel and figured I would give it a show (mainly because Dane Cook references the movie Dune in his act).  I was so bored that after about 5 minutes, I lost all respect for Patrick Stewart and Sting.

5.  Lonliness.  I had roommates a few months ago, a married couple, with such a cute daughter.  She was adorable, at nearly a year and a half, she made me laugh and smile each and every time I saw her.  She made me so happy every day and when my roommates left and now she is 3000 miles away, not a day goes by where I don't think about her and wish she was back here with me.

4.  Gift Cards.  Why is it that companies that offer gift cards charge you a "maintenance" fee if not used within a certain amount of time (generally 12-18 months)?  Are you telling me it costs you $1.50 each month for me to keep this card past a year?  How?  How is that possible?  My friend/family member/stranger who feels obligated to get me something because he was a guest at a house-warming party but doesn't really know me/well-wisher was nice enough to get me a $25 gift card to Red Lobster, you already received the money for it, if I choose to use it 3 years from now, it should still have $25 on it.

3.  Dancing with the Stars.  Who in the hell watches this trash?  "I'm such a huge fan of Mario Lopez from his days on Saved by the Bell and more recently The Other Half and Animal Planet that I think I really need to see if he can dance."  Yeah, you're stupid.  This is not good television, and if you think so, I think I should have the right to kill you.  And I'll tell you this, I'm a person who thinks murder should be meaningful and personal, which is why I choose to strangle you with my bare hands, guns are for pussies and rednecks.

2.  Diet Bandwagon. So recently fast food restaurants have switched to low linolenic soybean oil from partialy hydrogenated soybean oil in the cooking of their foods, with KFC being the most recent restaurant. If I want healthy food, I'll cook at home. I go out to eat because I have no other option and I think it tastes good. If I want "health food" I'd go to Subway and eat a 6 gram of fat sub and say hi to Jared while I'm there. When I go to KFC, I want to give them money, and in return I want a bucket of chicken and a side of heart disease. Do you want to know why? Because heart disease tastes WONDERFUL. Let me slowly kill myself in peace.

1.  Halloween.  Yes, a child's favorite holiday that isn't really a holiday.  Candy, goodies, costumes, and all that other crap.  Sorry guys, at 22 years old, I'm out.  Not a Halloween fan and I haven't been for a long time.  You will not see me dressing up for many years to come.  Offices that do Halloween parties are pointless as well, mainly because the only good costume is a sexy school girl, french maid, naughty stewardess, and Martha Stewart, but offices ban all of those outfits and then super hot Anna in Human Resources is forced to wear a Jack Sparrow costume from Pirates of the Caribbean

October 22, 2006

Sunday Night Football

October 22 - Sunday

10. Walking - I've started to walk every night, about 1 mile each night. This is a low impact "workout" so it's not the walking itself that is the problem, but the 30 minutes it takes out of my evening. I really have nothing better to do, but I would wather just sit in my room and eat nilla wafers and play Madden 07.

9. Early Mornings. Yesterday I woke up at 6:45 am so that I could babysit my nephew at 7:30. On Saturdays, I don't like to be bothered, ever, especially in the morning. Saturday's are my College football days and I need to sit in my room until halftime of the first game I'm watching. That's what I do, please don't mess this up for me. Babies need to learn that there won't ALWAYS be someone there for them, why not teach this at a young age, like at 1 year old.

8. Dogs. I am a dog person, I hate cats with a fiery passion, so this one suprises me. I live with a dog who is the most needy and spoiled dog that he gets to decide when he will be eating each day. This dog (a pug for those who are wondering) is 9 years old and likes his breakfast at 3:30 in the morning. Ummmm, no. I don't wake up for nearly 4-5 more hours, but he will whine, cry, and bark at you until you feed him. Oh and did I mention he has to sleep in the same room as someone or else he won't sleep at all? Oh I'll stab him next time he does it.

7. Camera Stores. Specifically, Photo Solutions Inc. in Chino Hills, CA. I love their prices, I love the employees, what I hate is the service. It's not as if it's terrible service, it's just that they spend more time talking with the 1 customer they are working with rather than making a little small talk, ring them up, and move on to the next guy. I was in line with my wife for nearly 25 minutes trying to pick up 3 pictures I needed printed with only 1 customer in front of me. Come on now people, buy another register so you can do a little multitasking, or maybe help your customers instead of setting up a movie theater-style popcorn popper.

6. The Bengals. No don't worry, I am still a Bengals fan, I am just terribly disappointed with their performance the past few games. The Bengals offensive line is unable to protect Carson Palmer, so most of his throws are quick routes with the longest pass recently being 33 yards to Housh. Rudi Johnson, an outstanding running back, is getting shut down for the same reason, the defensive line gets penetration and stops the run before it gets going. The Bengals need to find a working O-line combination and stick with it, this is getting ridiculous.

5. Hooters. I am a person who likes to be left alone while eating, this is why the "experience" of Benihana does nothing for me. I came to eat, and I didn't come to watch you cook my food. I'll order my food, you cook it and bring it to me, all that extra "flair" just increases the time before I get to eat. So anyway, Hooters, yes, I will order my food, you bring it to me, and that is our relationship. Don't sit at my table, don't put your hand on me at anytime, I don't like you, I like your wings and beer. Respect my personal space and you'll get a nice tip.

4. Michael Vick. I can't describe it, but I just cannot stand Mike Vick. Listen, a quarterback throws the ball, scrambles when I has to, and that is your job, when you start running you might as well be a running back. His completion percentage over his career has NEVER reach 57%, he has NEVER thrown for 3000 yards in a season, and he has never thrown more than 16 touchdowns in a season and today he had his first ever 3 touchdown game. I'm not saying he is a bad player, because his numbers are average for the NFL, but based on his numbers, there is no way he should be making the kind of money or getting the credit he gets.

3.  Job Searching.  As the days pass by, I continue to spend them searching for a new and exciting position.  But wait Josh, I thought you said you were in IT?  Yeah I am, it's rare to find something new and exciting, trust me, I've looked.  But time marches on and I keep up daily searches.  I recently had an interview that lasted for 4 hours, 4 HOURS!  An hour long phone interview followed by a 3 hour sit-down interview.  If this is a job I don't get, I certainly wasted a lot of Madden time.

2.  Networking.  Recently my desktop (windows) machine no longer wants to communicate with my laptop (os x).  The other 2 computers on my network (both windows, 1 laptop) work fine with the mac, but my Dell desktop is being very stubborn.  I can ping the IP of the mac, the ARP table shows the right MAC address, but when I run a command line utility called nbtscan (a netbios nameserver scanner that will find all IP addresses on your network and show you the computer name, user, and MAC address), it comes back with a MAC address for my Mac laptop of 00-00-00-00-00-00.  This is causing me extreme frustration because the dell is a file server, and it is useless to me right now.

1.  Sunday Night Football.  Oh no, I love Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Al Michaels, but tonight's lack of Sunday Night Football bugs the hell out of me.  I have a routine, that routine is wake up, watch football for 10 hours, drink beer (Budweiser Select today), eat, go to bed.  Apparently NBC disagrees with my schedule and decided it had better things to air and thus all the games were morning and afternoon with no night game.   Even a boring game like the Packers and the Dolphins would have been fine today.

On a side note:
And finally, how in the hell can the Chargers rape the Steelers a few weeks ago, the Steelers then raped the Chiefs last week, and yet this week, Chiefs beat the Chargers?  I'm terribly confused.  Well it could be worse, I could be Dennis Green, now with a longer losing streak than the Raiders...

October 11, 2006


 October 11 - Wednesday

10.  Old Friends.  I don't mean like friends from years back that you haven't seen in a long while, but I mean OLD friends, friends that are no longer friends.  Listen, if I haven't talked to you in almost a year, I obviously want nothing to do with you.  If I cared, we'd still be talking.  Get the message.

9.  Treo Users.  As an IT person, I need to be constantly connected, and this is done with a Blackberry 7250 provided by my company through Verizon.  Treo users bother me because many of them do not need that connection.  Seriously now, your e-mailed joke of the day, pictures of your nephews kids, and forwarded messages from your mom about funny road signs is not something you need to get wherever you are.  You aren't that important, I am.

8.  America's Next Top Model.  Or ANTM for those who are "hip".  I have watched EVERY season as a result of being married.  There has never been a season or even an episode that I have enjoyed and I wish it would just end and end now.  This is married life folks, giving up game 2 of the ALCS where the Tigers are kicking some Athletics ass so your wife can be happy.  I was happy once.

7.  Slow Internet.  I have verizon DSL which, for the most part, is pretty quick, tonight however it is the slowest it has ever been.  I ran a few bandwidth speed tests and I am averaging about 170 kbps.  Thats bits people, not bytes.  Yeah, it takes me back to a much simpler time when I was on dialup and I had to wait about 9 years just to get my email on AOL.

6.  Not Sushi.  After having lunch today at an All-You-Can-Eat sushi restaurant today, everything that is not sushi, is just terrible.  Spicy yellow tail, salmon, tuna, octopus, and scallops all made me so very happy.  If you ever want to have lunch with me, take me to some sushi place, i'll love you forever.

5.  False Hopes.  So here it is, bottom of the ninth with bases loaded, 2 on and 2 out for the Athletics and down by 3 to the Tigers.  The A's cannot beat the tigers in this game, it just can't happen, Frank Thomas is good but he won't be driving in 3 or 4 runs here.  Just watch as number 4 or 3 on this list ends up being "Come From Behind Wins".  Nevermind, close call, but Tigers win Game 2!

4.  Yahoo!.  Once Yahoo! decided to change it's homepage, it feels like they are trying to tap into EVERY possible market all at once.  They introduce and start to focus on user-submitted videos (much like Google and YouTube) and more advertising on Television.  Yahoo needs to settle down and realize they will never overtake google for searches (you need to give it up too, and focus on improving their Email so that when I send emails to my friends, family, wellwishers, it gets there when I send it, not 3-4 hours later.

3.  McGruff.  I'm sorry but McGruff the Crime Dog is still around?  And now he is helping to fight Cyber Crime?  It's time to teach an old dog how to roll over and be dead.  Puppylake anyone?

2.  Yahoo! Again.  Okay, here is the last Yahoo related post, Jason Cole over at Yahoo! decided to do an interview with Patriots DT Richard Seymour.  So you would think this would be an interview about what the Patriots defensive needs to do to hold back a good offense from the Bengals, the Colts in a few weeks and the Bears a little further down the road?  Oh know, we are going to talk about BREAKFAST!  Yeah it's nice to learn a little more about these players home life, but let's talk SOME sports.  I'll leave the waffles talk to Denny's.

1.  DirecTV.  I have sung the praises of DirecTV since it was first installed in January of this year and I spent $220 on the NFL Sunday Ticket.  But in the past 3 days, I am ready to give it up and go back to cable, regular non-digital cable.  I had an appointment to get them to move my service to my new place and I had 1 simple request, grey cable on the outside of the house.  The Homeowners Association requires grey cable on the outside and DirecTV confirmed this was not an issue.  So my appointment day arrives and I get a phone call from DirecTV to reschedule for the next day since they had no grey cable (it was confirmed the day before they DID have grey cable, but small potatoes), and then they come by the next day for my appointment and send a spanish speaking technician who cannot understand me and what I want and then he brings out the WHITE cable and says he cannot return today because he has other appointments and has no grey cable with him.  So then I'm on the phone with DirecTV to do a little yelling and they don't have any record of me having service since none of the phone numbers I give him come up in the computer.  Tomorrow, oh tomorrow DirecTV will be getting an earful.

October 05, 2006


October 5 - Thursday

10. Dodgers. Oh yeah, growing up in L.A. you make the decision at an early age: Angels or Dodgers? My grandmother is a huge Angel fan so I grew up around the Angels and that is the team I cheered for. This year I made a bet with my boss that the Angels would finish the regular season with a better record than the Dodgers. Despite their best efforts, the Angels managed to put together a string of victories towards the end of the season to take the win and prove to Ron that my Angels are better. In spite of a better record, we did not make the playoffs and yet his Dodgers did. Lucky for me, the Mets are on pace to sweep so I can rub that in his face :)

9. Yankees. I recognize that not everyone is or should be a fan of a team just because you are from that state. I was born and raised in California and yet I hate the Raiders and 49ers and couldn't care less what happens to the Chargers, but I just don't understand Yankees fans. Most Yankees "fans" do not follow the sport, do not follow the team, and are not from New York. They get behind a team with more big name players than all the others (and they pay for it with the highest salary in baseball) and a consistant winning record. You don't care about baseball, so quit acting like you do. I find solice in the fact that the Angels are the only team in baseball with a winning record against the Yankees.

8. Waiting. My life has been put on hold many times over the last few months. All of it revolves around my job situation, but it has affected so many different aspects of my life that it has been quite frustrating. People need to hurry up and make decisions so I will know what my future holds.

7. Rich Kids. I live in an apartment complex with people that make a lot of money. To give you an example, the types of cars people drive around here are BMW 7 series, Mercedes S-class, Escalades, Porsche 911's, Mercedes G 500, Land Rover LR3 and Range Rover, and today I saw a Maserati DB9. All too often I see kids with ridiculous cars (today was a 17 year old with a Subaru WRX STI) with music way too loud and a stupid look on his face. They have no respect for anyone else on the road which is evident by the loud music with windows down, driving 30 mph through the apartment complex (which is only 5 mph), and a smugness I wish to beat off their big dumb faces. I've worked hard to get where I'm at and at 22 years old I make more on my own than the average household income for this area. I'm proud of how hard I worked and it pisses me off that kids get this handed to them.

6. Colds. I get sick, a lot, when people around me catch a cold, they like to toss it my way. Thanks Frank in Accounting, we'll see how long it takes me to fix your email next time. Now the wife is sick and of course, I'm getting sick. My throat is sore, I am congested, and I have no tolerance for stupidity. That last symptom is something I suffer from all the time, but it is amplified during my sicknesses. But of course it only makes sense, as I begin new jobs, I always get sick.

5. White women. Your hotness does not make up for your bitchiness. Everytime I see those short skirts, tattoos on the lower back, the strings from your thongs and your low cut shirts I always think the same thing, "Where's the nearest restroom?"

4. Early Mornings. I have had so many early morning lately that I am exhausted by noon. I am a person who needs a certain amount of sleep to keep from getting migraines, so these early mornings are killer. The worst part is I am not a person who can easily take naps so making up my sleep is not that common. The next time I wake up early, I'm taking out my aggressions on my local Wal Mart shoppers looking for low low prices.

3. Bumpers. So yesterday I made my first (and final) attempt at repainting a car bumper. Ummmm, I wouldn't say it looks "bad" but lets just say I will be purchasing a car bra next week.

2. Negative Equity. My wife and I are stuck with a larger amount of negative equity in our car. That's it, nothing funny for me to add, it sucks way way way too much for me to try to make a joke about it.

1. New Cars. Trying to purchase a new car when you are so very very upside down on your last car makes it almost impossible. I fail to understand how KBB values on your vehicles means nothing to a dealership. Seriously, how is the trade in value of my car 4200, but you'll only give me 3000, and yet you have the same one on your lot SELLING for 9000? What the hell am I missing here? How have I not opened my own car dealership? I LOVE screwing people over, this is like the perfect job for me! "I'm sorry Mrs. Jennings, but the most we can give you for your 2003 BMW 3 series is $6000. But don't worry, we can just add the difference of $14,000 onto the top of your new Camry and you will only be financing $44,000!"


October 02, 2006


October 2nd - Monday

10. New England Patriots. After the vicious beating the Bengals received yesterday, my hatred for the Patriots continues to grow. I have never liked Tom Brady after he took over as starting QB due to an injury sustained by Drew Bledsoe. Tom Brady is another QB I would love to see fail miserably the rest of his career (the other is Ben Roethlisberger), but I know it won't happen. He is too good.

9. Monday Night Football. I'll tell you this, I love football all the time, but this broadcast by ESPN is so boring and poorly executed that I can barely stand listening to the game. My boss at XXL National poised the question, "Is Sunday the new Monday?" Monday night football is nothing without Al Michaels and John Madden, this new cast of Joe Theismann, Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico makes me dread Monday nights. It does seem that NBC is getting the better games this year though as I'm stuck watching the Eagles and the Packers.

8. Interviews. Yes, another repeat, but new news this time. I had an interview at an employment agency for a position I had applied for near my hometown. I was forced to sit through a 16 minute and 14 second instructional video about proper attitude, actions, safety, and so on about being an employee. In addition, I needed to take a customer service test? What the hell, this was for an IT MANAGEMENT position. If I've had experience in IT Management (as I have) then I must understand basic customer service skills. Also, I have to take a skills test on MS Office?! Something just doesn't seem right about that. Assuming they like my resume and test scores, I will be doing an hour long interview with a 3-person panel and THEN individual interviews that last about a half hour each with each person from the panel.

7. Game time decisions. Yes, another repeat. I set my fantasy lineup earlier this week and confirmed everything Sunday morning. I have Brian Westbrook in one of my leagues and all the news, even the news right before tonights game stating that he would be playing. He does not play and now I'm out a potential 12+ points. In addition, all news was pointing to me not playing Jones-Drew from the Jags because he wouldn't get much play, but guess what happens! What the hell, a 55 yard touchdown run. He would have netted me much more points than Michael Robinson who only grabbed .9.

6. Forgetting. I have a terrible terrible memory. Here is an example from today: I needed to visit my parents after an interview this morning and needed to bring a paint sample with me. So this morning I get dressed in the interview clothes (suit, tie) and I gather a change of clothes because I want to leave the interview and go straight to my parent's house. I get the clothes (with different socks and shoes) and I head out the door forgetting the paint sample. So I leave the interview and head back home where I change, grab some change to wash my car and then go to my parents house. As I leave the car wash I realize I, yet again, forget the sample and return home. Wow, I need help.

5. Ashton Kutcher. This one, I just can't explain. I hate him, pure and simple, I want him to no longer act and if he no longer lived, I wouldn't mind. The strange part here is that I LOVE That 70s Show, he was not my favorite character but I still liked him on the show.

4. Drinking. Well despite having very little to drink tonight (3 small gin + cranberry) I feel sick. This is my first tasting of gin as a primary mixer and I am enjoying it very much. For days I have been looking forward to enjoying a nice cocktail, and what happens when I finally get ahold of something? Sickness. And me with an another interview tomorrow.

3. Heroes. Overhyped and falling short. I'm sorry, but just because you ADVERTISE this show as being the best thing on TV, doesn't make it so. And yet, I'm watching it. Don't blame me however, the wife is the one who likes it, I just happen to be in the same room.

2. Laziness. I ned to do more exercise and weightlifting today, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I was so good about my exercises by doing my pushups and weightlifting and sticking to my schedule, but lately I have been slacking so much. This is why I can't lose weight.

1. Driving. I hate driving these days. Gas prices as high as they are and driving a manual tranny and encountering as many hills as I have lately for some reason (this is funny if you were familar with where I live), I am just so tired of it. When I am driving, it always seems to take forever for me to reach my destination, including short trips to the store or gas station.